AADFI 1st Vice Chairperson receives Sustainability Finance Award


The Uganda Development Bank Limited has positioned itself as one of the key drivers of sustainable development and on behalf of its government, it is responsible for financing sustainable industrialization of the country.
It is at the forefront of implementing the rigorous sustainability standards that is based on the principle of making profits while working within the planetary boundaries, serving the society and helping to create and endure a sustainable economy that is environmentally and climate friendly.

The commitment of the UDBL to holistically embrace sustainability is unwavering and its leadership has demonstrated through practical actions to tackle unintended green washing which poses a great threat not only to the institution but also to the country and the world at large.

Its Managing Director Mrs. Patricia Ojangole has gone beyond the efforts of making its institution sustainable, and she has gone beyond Uganda to play an exemplary role in contributing to the field of sustainable finance.
She leads the international I-LEAD Group of the Sustainability Standards for Value-Driven Financial Institutions with the aim to:
Promote all-round individual well-being of management and staff of sustainability-driven financial institutions;
– Boost corporate profitability; and
– Achieve greater results in serving the institutions’ customers, the society at large and nurturing and protecting the natural environment

Mrs. Ojangole leads the Group with professionalism and integrity and with the aim to promote true and holistic sustainable banking and finance across the globe. She actively supports her peers from around the world in their sustainability journey and always forthcoming to help them in the hour of need.

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